What is a Boss Lady?

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

What does it mean to be a Boss Lady?

It's a relatively generic term having popped up over the last couple of years in a variety of contexts. It's also the title of my first full-length co-authored book: "The Boss Lady Investor: You Don't Need a D!*k to Understand Money".

Boss Lady Investor Grace Everitt

As a writer and editor of over 10 years, this is by far the biggest project I've ever tackled. My co-author Krista Goodrich is the source of knowledge and driving force behind it, having dreamt of it for years.

The Boss Lady Investor is a financial literacy book for women who want to become empowered with the practical knowledge required to rock their finances and live their ideal life.

When Krista shared her idea for this book with me, I knew right away that it would be a hit. This is the book I wish I had when I was graduating high school, and again in college--although I didn't know it. This is the time in many young ladies' lives where we begin to make decisions with significant financial consequences: buying a car, getting a credit card, opening checking and savings accounts, taking out student loans, and so on.

I was asking myself questions like:

What is a credit score, and how do I get one?

Why is it so important?

What's a CD?

What does APR mean and why does it matter?

Like most people, I hadn't received one iota of financial education in school (or elsewhere). I had been forced to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad during my adolescence by my well-meaning father, but while the information is good and the intention noble...I could never make it all the way through. It's just so crushingly dull, especially for a young person. I also found it tough to relate to as a woman and a Millennial.

The Boss Lady Investor, on the other hand, is written for the modern woman facing modern choices in the fast-paced Apple, Amazon, & AI world. We cover everything from reducing debt to choosing a life insurance or retirement plan...without succumbing to the overwhelm so often present in these situations. We chat about how to save, how to spend (wisely), and how to make choices in your personal life that best support your long-term goals (financial and otherwise).

In particular this book is geared towards Millennials, who emerged into adulthood during the worst recession this country has seen since the Great Depression. This group has been "behind the eightball" for much of their adult lives, facing higher debt and slower wage growth than their generational counterparts. I'm delighted to be the Millennial voice of the book.

The other primary audience is Generation X, of which Krista is a representative. Many of these individuals were raised in an environment that stuck to traditional gender norms, where men managed the finances and women were given a little to no information, education, or control over the same. This imbalance becomes significant when facing divorce or an early loss of a spouse: events happening to members of Generation X right now.

This 65,000-word labor of love is currently in the beta reading stage. For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, beta reading occurs when a piece of writing has completed its first draft. Then, it's sent to a curated group of test readers who review the manuscript and provide feedback on everything from flow and themes to grammar and syntax.

The Boss Lady Investor will be available for purchase in Fall 2019 in paperback and e-book form. We intend to sell on Amazon.com--easy peasy!


Beyond just the book, Krista and I dream of an online community of Boss Ladies that support each other, share tips and resources, and celebrate successes. It'll live on our website and be supported by:

  • the forum

  • the Boss Lady Blog, where Krista and I blog about all things Boss Lady (We're always looking for other Boss Lady contributors, so if you're interested, please contact us!)

  • the Boss Lady podcast, which will focus on regular women in our community who have achieved success (financial and otherwise) under every day, normal circumstances

I'm excited for the future, and can't WAIT to hold the fruits of our labor in my hands. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for news on launch parties, sneak peeks, pre-orders, and more.

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