The 3 Types of Professional Editing Services & Why You Need Them

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

A huge part of good (effective) marketing is storytelling.

My job as a marketing professional is to help businesses define and tell their story, in a compelling way, to the people most interested in hearing it.
Fortunately, I have a pretty strong background with the written word to aid me in this mission. I've been writing and editing for 12 years in both print and digital media, which puts me in a unique position to help other businesses do the same.
For those who have already written what they want to say, I offer editing services. But before I go on, let me address the question I'm sure you're asking:
"Uhh...I'm just a small business owner. Why would I need an editor?"
Well, there are several reasons but two main ones:
First, don't you want to be perceived as polished and professional as possible?

Recently I signed up to a young lady's newsletter to receive the lead magnet she was offering on her website. Let's call her Jane. On her website she billed herself as a web builder, graphic designer, and "Instagram coach."
When I received the lead magnet, I was surprised to find it completely riddled with typos and grammatical errors, and even some formatting issues--really basic stuff. It was so bad that I politely e-mailed her and kindly offered to edit it for free out of professional concern for how she would be perceived by potential new clients. (Us business babes gotta stick together, ya know?) After all, the lead magnet is often one of the first exposures you have to a new client. It's the very first time you land in their e-mail inbox and is a hugely valuable opportunity to make an impression.

Jane made an impression on me all right.

"Yikes. This chick clearly has no attention to detail. If she's this sloppy with her own image, why would I trust her with mine?"
Now I don't know about you, but as a small business owner I try to take all the help I can get...especially when it's FREE! Hello?!
Jane was having none of it. Her response to me was a long, rambling e-mail about how she doesn't care about typos or having clean (readable) writing because she "types with intensity" and just spits out her thoughts, and that those who would notice those mistakes were "trained to see mistakes in value." 🤔
Nah, girl. I'm just a human being with eyes who was squinting trying to see the value in between all of the careless mistakes.
That's the second reason why you need an editor as a small business owner.
If you're going to put effort into writing something, whether it's a press release, website copy, a social media post, or an article for a magazine, don't you want your message to be understood?
Poor grammar, typos, and clunky sentence structure all contribute to the muddying of your message and also risk losing the customer's interest. Editing services can dramatically improve the quality of your work and thus how the reader perceives you.
Everyone can benefit from an editor, no matter how good a writer you are. I know from personal experience that my editors almost always catch something I missed, no matter how meticulous I was in my self-editing. And that's okay! When you've been working on a piece for a while, you lose perspective and your eye skips over minor mistakes that are glaring to others. It's totally common and completely understandable.
(If you're interested, you can check out my editing services here.)

Okay, so you've decided that you do need an editor. The next step is to determine what KIND of editing services you need.

There are three main types of editing:
1. PROOFREADING This is the most basic form of editing and acts as a final polishing touch to your work. I review for typos, punctuation mistakes, layout issues, and grammatical errors only. If you consider yourself to be a pretty good writer already and pay close attention to detail, this level of service is probably sufficient for you.

2. COPYEDITING (MOST COMMON) Copyediting takes proofreading to the next level by involving rewrites and sentence restructuring. I examine word choice, overall message, speech patterns, and voice. The goal is to ensure that your work reads smoothly and your ideas are expressed clearly. This is the most common type of editing I do.


Otherwise known as the whole shebang, this type of editing is usually reserved for longer works such as white papers, dissertations, or novels. I will not only point out large structural or plot problems, but also suggest how to fix them. I may also suggest reworking the pacing, tone, or organization, and will always provide a reason for my suggested changes.


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